En+ Group is operating a programme for the development of drones, to monitor both power lines for any damage and wooded areas for illegal logging and forest fires.

This will enable emergency services to address these issues in a more targeted manner, which will increase the reliability of power supplies, and significantly reduce the incidence of illegal logging.

En+ Group's drone programme is ongoing: test flights have been held manually, and the necessary infrastructure is being developed.

Two kinds of drone are being developed: quadcopters and pilotless planes. Quadcopters can provide a fast, detailed analysis of a situation, enabling a specific situation to be resolved quickly; whereas pilotless planes can monitor a wide area for emerging risks.

The Group's long-term goal is to bring drones into operation throughout the entire electricity grid of the Irkutsk region in Siberia, where many of its assets are located, which will boost the service life of electrical equipment and reduce expenditure in the long term.