Na-Ion, Al-Ion batteries

En+ Group is actively involved in the development of Sodium-Ion (Na-Ion) and Aluminium-Ion (Al-Ion) batteries, an alternative to Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries.

Lithium is the most common component of high-capacity batteries today. Lithium-Ion batteries are expensive, due to the relative scarcity of the metal; however, there is currently no industrial alternative in widespread production.

Na-Ion and Al-Ion batteries will prove extremely viable alternatives, as both are widespread resources, and have similar qualities to Li-Ion. Na-Ion and Al-Ion are even more effective in several regards: they have higher capacity, are safer and are cheaper to produce, among other notable advantages.

With the advent of electric vehicles and the continued shift in the global energy paradigm towards renewable sources, the world needs a long-term alternative to Li-Ion batteries. Na-Ion and Li-Ion can be used in a variety of different applications, and can facilitate the ongoing rise in green energy.

En+ Group is working to develop the necessary material combinations to enable the widescale production of Na-Ion and Li-Ion batteries and bring the product onto the Russian and international markets.