En+ Group strives to achieve the highest standards of corporate governance, acting in line with global best practice examples following ethical business across all of its operations

The Company has adopted the highest international standards of corporate governance, including independent directors on the Board of Directors. The Group plans to continue to improve in this area and to adhere to internationally recognized standards of corporate governance, transparency, disclosure and accountability for listed companies.

Adhering to the best standards of corporate governance is an essential prerequisite for attracting fresh investment, strengthening En+ Group’s competitive position and increasing shareholder value. Good governance is based on the clarity of roles and responsibilities, boosting the Company’s efficiency. We aim to ensure that our governance procedures are applied to all areas of decision-making across En+ Group, including the Board of Directors, management teams and individuals who contribute to our daily activities.

The Board of Directors has therefore developed and approved a set of governance principles to act as a guideline for maintaining the highest standards.

These governance principles outline the board's relationship with shareholders and executive management and the tasks and requirements for board committees.

The Company is developing unified corporate governance principles that are applicable to all of its key stakeholders, including shareholders, managers and employees which are in line with the highest legal and cultural standards for each region in which the Company operates.

En+ Group's corporate governance principles outline the relationship between the Board of Directors and the Company's shareholders and management team, as well as the remit and duties of the Board committees.

We consider the following corporate governance principles to be fundamental to our operations:

  • Transparency;
  • Open and clear decision-making;
  • Legal compliance;
  • Protection of the environment and the health and safety of its employees;
  • The ongoing growth of the Company's value for the benefit of all stakeholders.