Resilient business with unique asset base and attractive growth prospects

Global leader in aluminium production and hydro power generation

#1 Aluminium producer in the world (ex-China)1

One of the leading power producer globally2

Vertically integrated green business model

63.8 TWh En+ Siberian HPPs long-term average power production vs. 59.4 TWh of the Metals segment’s power consumption in Siberia in 2016.

100% self-sufficiency in alumina and ~80% in bauxites and nephelines1

Unique asset base and operational excellence contributing to cost leadership Favourably located cost-efficient HPPs resulting in one of the lowest cost position in aluminium for En+  
Strong and resilient cash flow generation underlying sustainable shareholder returns 75% of Free Cash Flow of the Energy segment in dividends supplemented by 100% pass-through of UC RUSAL dividends3  
Upside potential from multiple catalysts Spare capacity of existing HPPs can be utilised to meet increased demand upon ramp up of the Metals segment’s brownfield smelters  
Experienced management and robust corporate governance

Following international standards of corporate governance

At least 3 independent directors4


1 According to CRU estimates 

2 According to SEEPX

3 Calculated, for any period, as En+ Power’s cash flows generated from operating activities less net interest and restructuring fees paid, less capital expenditures, adjusted for one-off acquisitions 

4 2 directors are currently on the Board of Directors and another is to be added following the IPO